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5 Ways Technology Can Streamline Your Agency’s Workflow - Mediatool

5 Ways Technology Can Streamline Your Agency’s Workflow

Did technology kill the agency star? There’s an ongoing debate in marketing agencies about the best way to manage resources …

New Integrations Are Here: TikTok, Pinterest & Snapchat Ads
Product Updates

New Integrations Are Here: TikTok, Pinterest & Snapchat Ads

For many brands and agencies, advertising on traditional social media channels doesn’t always work as well as it used to. …

How To Create A B2B Social Media Strategy That Isn’t Boring

How to Create a B2B Social Media Strategy that isn’t Boring

There’s a misconception in social media marketing that B2B stands for Boring2Boring, instead of business-to-business. It stems partly from the …


Debunking Marketing Measurement Myths

Marketing analytics can sometimes seem like a world shrouded in mystery. There is so much data, from so many different …


The Top 5 PPC KPIs You Should Be Tracking

When it comes to Pay-Per-Click marketing (PPC), there are so many metrics to measure that it’s easy to lose sight …


The Secret to High Quality Marketing Data

The marketing landscape is under constant innovation with increased automation and ‘always on’ campaigns needed to stay afloat in an …

Media Planning

Pros and Cons of Moving Advertising Operations In-House

To in-house or not to in-house is the question on a lot of advertising and marketing leader’s minds. Many companies …


The 4 Best Creative Marketing Campaigns To Inspire You In 2022

Our pick of the four best creative marketing campaigns we’ve seen on the internet recently, to get you inspired. The …


Why You Need to Align Marketing with Consumer Values

If you’ve read any marketing blog on the internet lately they’ll mention changes in consumer behavior impacting how we market. …

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