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Mindset by Mediatool: The Power of the Open Minded Marketing Leader

Mindset by Mediatool: The Power of The Open-Minded Marketing Leader

If you’re a marketing leader, chances are you’ve come from somewhere to get where you are today. You’ve put in …

Mindset by Mediatool: How CMOs should rethink innovation to improve marketing results

Mindset by Mediatool: How CMOs Should Rethink Innovation to Improve Marketing Results

The best CMOs are constantly innovating, taking risks and challenging themselves and the way that things are currently done. Success …

The six key steps to effective digital media planning
Media Planning

The Six Key Steps to Effective Digital Media Planning

How to build an effective digital media plan that achieves your marketing objectives and maximizes ROI while staying within budget. …

5 Things Marketers Can Learn From Olympic Athletes

5 Things Marketers Can Learn From Olympic Athletes

Despite fans not being allowed in the audience, it’s fair to say that the whole world really is watching the …

The top marketing management tools for enterprise

The Top Enterprise-Grade Marketing Management Tools

Our choice of the best project management, marketing automation, and email marketing platforms available for enterprise.   Martech has boomed …

A Complete Guide to UTM Parameters and Tracking

A Complete Guide to UTM Parameters and Tracking

Track your website traffic, see how effective your campaigns are, and prove ROI with UTM codes. UTM codes are one …

digital advertising glossary

Digital Advertising Glossary

A (relatively) jargon-free rundown of the major digital advertising terms to familiarize yourself with. There are a lot of terms …

marketing and media planning resources

Best Marketing and Media Planning Resources

Get insights, tips, and advice from industry leaders to optimize your marketing team and improve your bottom line. Marketing and …

Create marketing briefs in Meditatool
Product Updates

Introducing Briefing in Mediatool!

With our new Briefing feature you can create briefs directly in Mediatool to gain clarity over your whole planning process. Speed up briefing and approval, improve collaboration and make project management so much easier!

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