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Working with some of the biggest advertisers in the world we understand the
value that comes from access to clean & reliable global media data.

Create your single source of truth and start making smarter media investment decisions.

Trusted Globally by Global Brands

Say 'Hello' to Your New Friend Mediatool 👋🏼

We know the challenges in-house marketers face daily. And we built Mediatool to remove those frustrations, giving your more time to create fantastic campaigns.

Gain clarity across all activities

Merge your campaigns, product lines and results data into one overview. Organize and structure it how you want. Remove silos and human error, and be confident in your data.

Collaborate smarter more efficient

Start collaborating better with delivery teams and external partners. From setting targets, creating briefs to actual campaign planning and approval. Remove confusion and have everyone working towards the same goal.


Gain the insights that really matters

With the overview of your data and customizable reports, find actionable insights to improve campaign performance.

Use these insights to make better decisions. Test and iterate until you understand what your customers want and how to surpass your goals.

Be the leader your team deserves

You know your team is great. And we all know working in marketing can be stressful. With the time you save using Mediatool, you can focus on empowering your team’s ideas, and guide them towards success.

Prove ROI and real business impact

Prove marketing ROI to the wider business. Marketing is essential for all brands to succeed. With Mediatool, you now have the chance to prove it!

Whether it’s ROI, ROMI, ROAS, or another acronym. By viewing your budgets, targets and results in the same platform you can show how marketing is generating business value.

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Powerful Data Integrations

Integrations simplify everything. Connect all your favourite platforms for the ultimate source of truth in Mediatool.

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