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Mediatool for iGaming

Plan and track campaigns covering global gaming markets

Plan your exact marketing spend by region and channel.

Operating in multiple global markets with regulations that vary by country means it can be tricky to keep track of your country-by-country and overall budget.

Put your marketing strategy into action with Mediatool’s Strategic Planning feature. Drag and drop budgets and set team targets for the foreseeable future and share with individual colleagues through user permission settings.

media planning software igaming

Pinpoint planned spend in comparison with your actual costs as the results roll in.

Comparing your budget with your actual costs can be a challenge, especially when you’re managing multiple campaigns across several countries and platforms.

Mediatool gives you an overview of how your spend is distributed across your activities as well as cross-analyze data and track ROI so you can optimize campaign spend to get the most out of your budget.

No more manually converting currencies in cross-region campaigns.

Keeping track of costs across countries can be tricky. Save time converting currencies for your reports and ensure the figures are actually correct. 

Set up one global currency and automatically convert costs as the spend data comes in. Decide how your data is classified with Mediatool’s global hierarchy and custom tag setup, giving you the confidence that the numbers in your reports are always correct.

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