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We give you a 360 degree overview so you can take ownership of your media data

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Input your data

Getting set up in Mediatool is easy: we’ll work with you to set up a workspace that makes sense based on how you work. From there it’s like riding a bike. When the training wheels come off you’ll be amazed at just how fast and far you can go with Mediatool.

Plan collaboratively​

With Mediatool’s collaboration features your entire team is on the same page, no matter where they are around the world. Agencies collaborating with clients, marketing teams working with each other and suppliers. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Watch your work in action

Mediatool has a long list of features to make launching a campaign more efficient. Once you’re up and running, data will begin flowing in real time. Track campaign performance, make adjustments where necessary and take control over budgets all while freeing up hours in your day.

Review, report, optimize

Without data, any organization is virtually flying blind. Mediatool unlocks the power of data to make better business decisions and run more impactful campaigns. All that data at your fingertips means you’re always fully informed – and information is power!

Keep your data secure

Preventing unauthorized access to customer data is a top priority at Mediatool. We continuously work to identify and mitigate security risks by implementing best practices.

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