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Join Mediatool’s Agency Partnership Program

We’re dedicated to improving the relationship between agencies and in-house teams. Agencies have used Mediatool to work with clients for years. To give back and help you deliver even better results, our APP takes that one step further.

What’s In It For You?

Join forces with us and you’ll become part of a global network of agencies providing more value and delivering better results for their clients. All whilst promoting the benefits of Mediatool.

When you become a Mediatool Partner you get a whole host of benefits.

Partnership Perks


Partner for efficiency and growth

Leverage Mediatool to increase productivity, streamline your delivery process and collaborate better with your clients. Grow revenue for your clients with confidence that your investments are optimized according to performance data.


Earn a new revenue stream

With every client you invite to your Mediatool environment, you earn a revenue share. Reinvest the money elsewhere to level up your services.


Strengthen your processes

Scale your client structure with unlimited organizations. Access your organization’s usage data to help you improve your workflows, internally and for your clients.


Help shape Mediatool

Get access to a dedicated channel where you can make suggestions for how we can improve Mediatool to give you more value. Influence the development of the platform by partaking in beta-testing of new features, products and modules.

Get Your Mediatool Badge!


Once you’re on board, you’ll get a Mediatool Partner badge to add to your website and promote externally. That way, your clients will know you’re a trusted agency they can rely on. Plus, your competitors will know that you’re thriving 😉

Mediatool Certified Partner Badge

Types of Partnership 🤝


The easiest way to partner up with Mediatool. You get rewarded for spreading the word to customers within your network. In return, we have a whole host of incentives to offer you for every new customer and user that we onboard as a result of the referral. We handle the project from A to Z, so you don’t have to!


Our next partnership level gives you an opportunity to become a reseller where we give you separate contract terms, training, and support. You can actively sell Mediatool stand-alone or bundled together with your own services. And in return, you get commission-based compensation.

& Service Partner

Our top tier partnership! At this level you can leverage the power of Mediatool to build full-scale marketing solutions. You can provide both the Mediatool tech-stack and build your own suite of services on top of this. Drive customer growth and add value at the same time.

Become a Mediatool Partner

Our objectives are the same as your objectives. Helping clients deliver better campaigns, reducing time and resources spent on marketing management and hitting business goals. It’s a win-win!

What next? 

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