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Mediatool for eCommerce & Retail

Optimize plans to improve conversion rates and increase sales

Identify exactly how each of your products and ads are performing in every country and region.

Tracking the progress of your marketing campaigns between countries and global regions can be challenging when your data is scattered across different platforms.

Mediatool brings all your marketing data together in one place so you can see what products are performing or underperforming in real-time, helping you decide how to optimize your campaigns.

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Collaborate, comment, and approve media plans so everyone is on the same page.

Global marketing teams need effective communication channels and efficient workflows to enhance their productivity and reach their goals.

Mediatool encourages collaboration and speeds up your team’s processes. Plan, comment, approve and set KPIs for each of your marketing channels so everyone in the organization is kept in the loop.

Close the gap between online and offline sales to improve conversion rates, AOV and RPV.

Automatically consolidate campaign data side by side with sales results to give you back time and the right information to make better marketing decisions.

Integrate your advertising and marketing data sources in Mediatool to streamline online data collection. 

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