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About Us

Mediatool started with the simple notion that when it came to media planning, there had to be a better way.

As former advertisers ourselves, we understand, firsthand, the tedious and long-winded process of campaign management. Bogged down by spreadsheets, overwhelmed by email threads, and disenchanted with the tools offered to us at the time, we committed to do things differently.


And that’s exactly what Mediatool does.

With its intuitive interface, collaboration features, media buying capabilities, budgeting, straightforward reporting, and professional presentations, the only thing this software doesn’t do is get you a coffee in the morning.

Whether you’re an independent advertiser or a global ad agency with limitless budget, Mediatool saves you the three things that no one in this industry can afford to lose — time, money, and sanity.

What’s more? In addition to its technical functionalities, Mediatool offers its users the best practices for yielding the best results.

Mediatool Executive Team

Alexander Högman

Co-founder / CEO

Magnus Ohlin

Co-founder / CPO

Ludwig Magnusson

Co-founder / CTO

Joakim Landberg

Co-founder / CSO

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