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Why 100s of CMOs love Mediatool

Learn how Mediatool can improve your team’s efficiency and marketing performance

Prove marketing impact on the wider business objectives.

Dealing with constant budget changes and demonstrating ROI for marketing spend can be frustrating when you know you’re creating your best campaigns yet.

Explain exactly how effective marketing is with customized dashboards attributing budgets and targets next to actual performance. Setup specific results dashboards or create custom reports based on Finance and Executive team needs, directly in Mediatool.

media planning software for cmos

Get a complete overview of your marketing activities, create efficient workflows and extract actionable insights you need for successful campaigns.

When marketing campaigns are spread out across channels, platforms, and locations, data and teams can end up siloed and disorganized.

Mediatool’s reporting dashboards give you a 360 degree overview of your marketing so you can connect the dots between campaign performance, team targets, budgets and more. Communicate with teams directly in Mediatool to gain visibility across your department and promote teamwork.

Access reliable data to make your best marketing decisions yet.

In a fast-moving campaign, timing is critical. Waiting around for reports may mean missing out on passing opportunities.

Combine your marketing strategy with actual campaign data in tailor-made, user friendly reports. Don’t waste anymore time waiting to receive reports, access them yourself at the click of a button to gain clarity and make important decisions that your team needs.

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