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Why Digital Marketing Managers love Mediatool

Explore how Mediatool can help you do your job by giving you the data you need, in only one platform

No more jumping between numerous platforms to review your marketing performance.

There are so many marketing and analytics platforms out there that it’s almost impossible to keep on top of actually doing your job.

Why gather data from so many individual sources when you can do it all in one? Mediatool’s powerful data integrations and UTM tracking accesses your data from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Campaign Manager, Google Ads, and more so you can monitor all of your channels in minutes, rather than days.

Get the insights you need to do your job better.

All marketers have one dream in common, the ability to just do your job. But, it comes with so much admin and communication work that it can feel like a chore trying to get a campaign off the ground.

Great marketing means learning from past and present performance to constantly improve, but that doesn’t have to take up so much of your time. Create your own reporting dashboard and gain clarity on what is and isn’t working to improve ads, content, and targeting and create campaigns you can be proud of.

Last minute reporting has never been so easy.

Executing campaigns comes with so many spinning plates, when you’re asked for a report before the end of day, trying to prioritize that task over everything else can feel overwhelming.

Not anymore! In the click of a button, generate visual reports displayed to suit you and your team. As all your data is tracked in Mediatool, creating a report takes no time and little effort from your side, meaning you can get back to the tasks at hand.

Mediatool's reporting dashboard
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