ClickCease FMCG | Mediatool | Media Management Software Platform

Mediatool for FMCG

Seamless campaign orchestration across all of your brands

A single source of truth for all your marketing activities.

Say goodbye to siloed data for your global campaigns spread across multiple products and markets.

Mediatool enables you to view all your marketing activities in one convenient place in real-time.

Stop second-guessing your data, manually pulling reports, and hunting for up-to-date campaign information.

Keeping track of how your products are performing and knowing where to focus your efforts can require a lot of guesswork when you don’t have the right up-to-date data at your fingertips.

With Mediatool you can view all your marketing campaigns side by side and see exactly what is and isn’t performing so you know what activities are generating results.

Take the guesswork out of those all-important budget allocation decisions.

See your planned vs. actual spend across all markets so you know where to shift funds mid-campaign via one centralized platform. 

Mediatool’s dashboard gives you a complete view of your entire marketing activities in line with spend. Get the bigger picture on all products and markets so you can decide where to cut your losses and where to double down to reach your goals.

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