ClickCease Integrations | Mediatool

Powerful Data Integrations

Mediatool plays well with others. Connect your marketing data and monitor your campaigns in real time. Set up multiple integrations to track different brands or clients, and even create a reporting dashboard instantly.

All Your Marketing Data, Connected 🔗

Integrations simplify everything. Connect all your favourite platforms for the ultimate source of truth in Mediatool. 

Google Analytics

Google Sheets

Google Ads

Google Campaign Manager

Google Display & Video 360

Google Search Ads 360

Google Search Console

Facebook Ads (Business Manager)

Facebook Pages

Instagram Pages

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Pages

Twitter Ads


Pinterest Ads

TikTok Ads

Snapchat Ads

Outbrain Amplify

Amazon Ads
(coming soon)

Apple Ads
(coming soon)

Bing Ads
(coming soon)

(coming soon)

Hubspot Analytics
(coming soon)

Quora Ads
(coming soon)

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