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Why Advertising Directors love Mediatool

Find out how Mediatool can set you and your clients up for success by removing collaboration hurdles

Stop the back-and-forth between clients and your team with one simple media planning workflow.

Emailing comments, approvals, and chasing for updates is time-consuming and is inefficient if any work is to get done. Who knows if you’re working on the right Excel document when there’s so many versions floating around between countless email chains.

Mediatool keeps all your client media plans in one secure location so you can communicate with everyone involved in-platform, streamline your approval flow, and rest assured that everyone involved is looking at the same version you are.

Keep all your client media data and reports in one place.

The level of admin for one client is enough, let alone juggling all of that for multiple clients. Relieve some of the stress for you and your team by removing this unnecessary admin.

Improve the quality of work your team delivers by managing all of your client’s media plans and generating automated reports in Mediatool. Switch between clients easily and ensure their data is secure, whilst giving your team the chance to do their job better. Win-win.

Reach your KPIs quicker and easier.

Without reliable tracking in real-time, it’s easy to miss a mistake that could cause a campaign to take a nose-dive or worse, cost you a client.

Connect your data sources, build granular tracking codes and watch the results appear as they happen, in Mediatool. With these insights, optimize plans and investments mid-campaign to make better decisions and hit your objectives quicker.

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