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Why CFOs love Mediatool

Learn how Mediatool can help you optimize marketing investments and drive ROI

No longer rely on the marketing team for those all-important numbers.

When the marketing team’s budgets and results are filed away in numerous documents, it can be difficult to capture marketing spend data and keep track of budgets.

Mediatool shows companies exactly what spend has been forecast, already spent and what room is left in the budget, in one single view. Marketing teams can give the Finance department account access to create marketing spend reports without having to chase the whole team.

Get clear on global and local investments to figure out what is generating ROI.

Figuring out what your ROI is on all marketing activities can be challenging when spend is distributed across so many channels and each analytics platform has its own measurements.

Mediatool makes it easy for you to track budgets and spending overall and by channel, and actively track your ROI in real-time to make adjustments to business-wide budget allocation.

Create and collaborate on budgets with the Marketing team

Finance teams are rarely given specific insight into exactly where the budget is distributed.

In Mediatool, work alongside marketing leaders to make strategic planning decisions. Drag and drop budgets across all media vehicles, and set targets as a percentage of the overall budget for quick and easy budget allocation. Comment, edit and approve plans in line with business revenue objectives in a simple timeline that you can always refer back to.

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