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Campaign Management Made Easy

Make insight-driven decisions faster, improve your marketing campaign performance and demonstrate clear value using our all in one marketing management platform. 

Trusted Globally by Marketers


A Collaborative Marketing Management Platform

Mediatool has a long list of features and integrations to make launching a campaign more efficient.

With Mediatool’s collaboration features your entire team is on the same page, no matter where they are around the world.

Mediatool unlocks the power of your media data – make better business decisions and run more impactful campaigns.

This is How Mediatool Brings Efficiency to Media Management

The 4-step process to create massively impactful campaigns:


Create marketing plans in one place so your team and external partners can collaborate on campaigns with ease. Move away from numerous sheets and ensure everyone is kept in the loop, working towards the same goals.


Get a bird’s-eye view of your data, organized and structured to suit your team. See performance data in line with targets and spot opportunities to improve campaigns.


Showcase your success by creating custom reports in seconds. Prove how marketing is generating true business value. 


With the extra time you save, you give yourself the chance to gain a new perspective on your marketing strategy. Understand what works, spot opportunities for improvements, and make better decisions to reach your goals.

A Perfect Fit For Any Company


Gain clarity over all your marketing campaigns and create the actionable insights needed to improve your next campaign again, and again!


Happy clients, happy agency. Streamline campaign planning and improve the delivery across your clients portfolio.

Why Marketers Love Mediatool

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