Mediatool is already trusted by these great organizations
Josephine Adorelle - Aimo Solutions
Josephine Adorelle
General Manager, Marketing IR & PR at AImo Solutions
"What we appreciate with Mediatool is that we can have 100% visibility of all of our costs related to our marketing efforts, both during set-up and for specific campaigns."
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Jan Biedermann - Montforthaus
Jan Biedermann
Head of Content for Montforthaus Feldkirch GmbH
"We were looking for a software that would let us plan, analyze and manage our media plans and data, anywhere, at any time. Our search led us to Mediatool."

How Mediatool makes your job easier

Mediatool media planning
All your media plans in one place

Mediatool helps you plan and manage your marketing faster and smarter. Gone are the days of sharing Excel spreadsheets. Let Mediatool be your single source of truth for tracking all of your traditional and digital media activities in one location.

Mediatool collaboration
Real-time collaboration

It’s never been easier for team members, agencies, and clients to collaborate. With file-sharing capabilities, activity tracking, notifications and more, Mediatool keeps all of your conversations and related files out of email and easily accessible within the same application.

Mediatool reports
Reports in seconds

Your visual reports are available with the click of a button when your data is stored in Mediatool. So, while your data may quickly change, your reports will stay up-to-date, every day, all the time – no matter what.

Smarter media planning

Mediatool is a one-stop-shop for all of your media planning needs. It brings all your plans and media data into one, centralized hub. With our cloud-based media planning tool you get one, reliable source for all of your media activities and waste zero time on outdated Excel budget sheets and email threads. Check the status of your budget, set and manage deadlines, keep a close eye on marketing actions, and learn which actions give the best return.

Access anywhere

With your media data in the cloud, your latest media plans are always available for you.

Consistent data

We help you make sure all team members enter consistent media data that can be compared between plans.

Always updated

With Mediatool you never again need to worry about where to find your latest media plans.


Media plans can be sent for approval to make sure the right person signs off on it before a booking is made.


Mediatool can be configured to store and display your media data entirely according to your needs.

Mediatool for your organization

Mediatool is for the the modern-day marketer. It works as a bridge between marketing departments and agencies helping them to collaborate more effectively and achieve greater marketing results.

Mediatool for advertisers
Mediatool for advertisers

A comprehensive, real-time overview of all your marketing activities. From campaign build to budget analysis and final reporting, Mediatool is your marketing department’s end-to-end tool for planning, collaborating and optimizing campaigns.

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Mediatool for agencies
Mediatool for agencies

Mediatool saves you minutes, hours - even days - by removing time-consuming steps and automating routine admin work. Our powerful agency features let you focus on the important tasks while Mediatool takes care of the rest.

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Mediatool serves everyone!

There are no shortage of team members who can benefit from Mediatool’s capabilities. See how workloads are lightened with Mediatool:

Media Planners: access all client media plans from one, central location knowing that your data will always be accurate & up-to-date.

Marketing & Media Director: get a complete overview of your campaigns, advertising financials, & media performance. Create professional reports with just a click.

Account Manager: instantly access your clients’ media plans where you can review campaign status & glean real-time insights.

Ad Operations: easily manage all creatives, due dates, & deliverables so you can best execute your campaigns.

Finance: take control of your budgets by reviewing financial marketing reports to see where dollars have been spent & where they’re going next.

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