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Hurtigruten Group & Mediatool

How Hurtigruten Group uses Mediatool to measure and report on their marketing performance, build attribution models and improve their campaigns.

Key Takeaways


INDUSTRY: Travel & tourism
FOUNDED: 1893!
SIZE: 1300+
BUSINESSES: Hurtigruten Expeditions, Hurtigruten Coastal Express & Hurtigruten Svalbard

Hurtigruten Group

Hurtigruten Group is the world’s leading adventure travel group. Their business ranges from the world’s largest expedition cruise line to land- based adventures that they operate from pole to pole. And they’ve been running for 130 years for a reason!

"There are two factors that have been key for us in this process: the excellent and dedicated client service Mediatool offered us and the high implication and support from our media agency. We all work as a team towards a common goal and clear timeline. During this process the Mediatool Customer Success team was always available, proactive and solution oriented."

Why Mediatool?

Overview and Control

With a team spread across four different brands and central and local marketing teams, they needed a tool to give them an overview and control of their global activities. Ruth Sainz, Head of Growth Marketing, Global Marketing at Hurtigruten Group says: “As part of the initial process we identified and compared three different tools, but ultimately we chose Mediatool for its flexibility, great usability and personal client service. With so many people in and outside of the company using a brand- new tool with new processes, it was important that it was 1) fully tailored to our needs and 2) very easy to use.”

Build New Marketing Process

Hurtigruten Group wanted Mediatool to help them build new processes for their marketing activities. The first step was to build a full account structure that everyone could get on board with and easily use. Next, they wanted a tool that could integrate with their paid and owned channels, making it easier to view performance in one place.

On top of viewing their data, they needed a tool that could give them a better understanding of their campaign data and how they can improve, which they have built in Mediatool using predictive marketing models. Finally, it was important that they could use it to scale their operations as they grow as a company.

Initial Results

When they first started using Mediatool, Hurtigruten’s plan was to use it for media planning between them and their agency. They then found it so useful that they now use it to build all of their marketing plans.

“Mediatool has been a game-changer for us. With a few clicks, we are able to answer questions that took hours or days to find out before. The whole Sales and Marketing organization has access and got specific training, so everyone can go in and pull the information they are looking for.

The process with our media agency has also become more efficient, clear and transparent, saving time for both parties.”

Hurtigruten have built attribution models in Mediatool to help them understand their performance, conversion rates and ROI of their campaigns. With this visibility and easy reporting they can see where to place spend and where to improve results.

Mediatool has been a game- changer for us

What's Next?

Hurtigruten Group has ambitious growth goals planned for the next 10 years. They plan to use Mediatool to continue to help them make better data-driven decisions so that they can reach these goals. They plan to do this by building predictive models based on complex attribution models so they can get an even better understanding of what generates ROI.

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