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Get your Plans in Order

Create, manage and collaborate on marketing and media plans. Build strategic plans, allocate budget and map out performance metrics for the whole team to see.

The Future of Media Planning​

Plan, manage, execute and analyze all your marketing activities in one secure cloud based tool. Moving to the cloud means you have access to all your data no matter where you are. You never need to worry about sending the wrong file, because your team already has the most up to date information. We’ll keep it secure and backed up, freeing your time for the tasks that matter.

Simplified media plan calendar

Mediatool Calendar View takes all your planned data and creates an easy to read flowchart. Visualize upcoming activity at a glance and see detailed information with a click. View creative assets and links, filter the view for more clarity, change and add activity and add comments all from within the same workspace.

Advanced media approval flow

Send media plans back and forth for approval from within Mediatool. Our collaboration tool lets agencies send plans to clients for approval, and in-house teams share plans internally. Approve or reject a campaign, and leave feedback along the way. Our advanced approval flow saves time, encourages collaboration and provides total clarity on media planning.

Review creative, collaboratively

Delivery plan is a section designed to help you upload and discuss creative materials for a more collaborative way of working. Upload images, videos and documents, attach notes and delivery addresses, and mark off creative that has been delivered. Delivery plan allows you stay on top of what’s run so far and what is left.

Keep track of conversations

Conversations rolls all your marketing activity communication into one place. Share ideas and offer feedback around plans, dashboards, creative assets and more. Don’t waste hours sifting through emails and bouncing between chat apps. Instead, start a conversation linked to marketing activity and know it will be easy to find later.

Strategic planning

Strategic Planning allows you to create top level target plans to visualize your strategy. In this timeline view you can plan budgets and set targets, giving you a birds-eye view of your marketing and media plans in alignment with your results data. Create your own planning hierarchy and customize measurements, tag categories and organization.

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