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Introducing Strategic Planning in Mediatool!


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When you’re orchestrating large media plans or multiple plans at once you can sometimes lose sight of the bigger picture; how close you are to your targets, where your budgets are going, and how all the pieces fit together.

Well, those days are now behind you..drum roll please..introducing our latest feature, Strategic Planning!

With Strategic Planning, your marketing and media plans will be better optimized all round. Let’s take a look how:

Create a bird’s eye view of your marketing and media plans

Strategic planning takes your marketing strategy and puts it into action, in alignment with your targets, budgets and progress. We’ve created a new timeline view which gives you top level visibility of all your media plans meaning you’ll now be able to:

  • Plan budgets
  • Set targets in line with budgets
  • Customize your Strategic Plan to your needs
  • Visualize it all in one timeline (in our new timeline view!)
  • Choose who has editing rights

How can you use Strategic Planning to improve your marketing campaigns?

Plan budgets

Visually plan your marketing campaigns to better understand where your budgets are going.

In addition to simply entering budgets, you can now choose to allocate budgets based on percentage of the target parent figure. Instead of doing the number crunching yourself, input your overall budget, choose how you want to split it – by organization, plan, media type or tag category – and Mediatool will distribute the budget for you. Not only will this save you time doing the math, you can also adjust the percentage based on performance to keep optimizing your campaigns.

Set targets in line with budget

Set targets for different teams or plans based on your preferred measurements. In this one overview you can see your targets in line with your budget and your chosen key measures e.g. leads or website visits.

Another element of this new feature is the ability to create parallel targets on the same level and edit them when needed. Targets and budget allocation will then appear in the individual media plans and your team or agency working within the plan will have visibility too, ensuring all users are working toward the same target.

Customize your plan

Every team works differently and that’s why in Strategic Planning you can create your own target or plan hierarchy based on how your team operates. Organize your hierarchy by color coding it how you like.

Within targets you can add descriptions so everyone is in the loop.

New timeline view!

In our new timeline you can view plans based on week, month, quarter, year, or as far into the future as you like. You can even plan for the next thirty years if you like (and are really prepared!)

Need to make edits or think you made a mistake? Don’t worry, you can drag and drop targets and edit them directly in the timeline.

Choose who can edit

After creating a strategic plan for the whole year the last thing you want is someone going in and messing it up! Get peace of mind by toggling to enable or disable edit mode.

Better planning all round

Strategic Planning streamlines workflows and gives your team, client or agency better visibility of their targets, meaning more transparency between teams, better collaboration and probably a whole lot less time spent on emails.

By visualizing your plan alongside actual results and making adjustments in one click, your marketing campaigns will be better optimized to generate better results. What more could you ask for?

Get started with Strategic Planning

If you’re a Mediatool customer looking for help on setting up Strategic Planning, visit our Help Center for our easy how-to guide.

Not a customer but interested in finding out more about the Mediatool platform? Book a free demo with one of our friendly team members.

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