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Enhance Your Data Quality and Set User Roles



Vague, high-level categorization of data can leave you without the small, necessary details of your campaign.

But get too granular and you run the risk of neglecting the bigger picture.

So, where’s the sweet spot?

It’s twofold and here at Mediatool, we call it Tag Hierarchies.
It’s the newest and most streamlined way of classifying your media, tracking its performance, and communicating with your team (or client) about it – all within one, cohesive vertical.

With Tags, now you can create top tags, sub tags, sub-sub tags, and so on. In fact, you can create endless tags for all components of your campaign. Go as wide or as deep as you need to.

To envision how it works consider this: your business itself is a “Top Tag” category. Each brand within your business is a “Sub Tag” and each product within each of your brands is a “Sub-Sub Tag”.

Now, imagine being able to choose whether you’ll assess your media spend and performance for just a single product or for the entire vertical – from Top Tag all the way down to Sub-sub-sub-sub… Tag. That’s exactly what Tag Hierarchies can do.

But Tag capabilities don’t end there…

Our developers have also put the finishing touches on User Roles, a function which gives you full control over the amount of data your team members have access to.

Now take this scenario for example:

Richard works as an Ad Exec at a product level. It’s important that he understand how the campaign for four of his products is performing but, in truth, doesn’t need access to much data beyond that. Go ahead and set his account for Sub Tags and Sub-Sub Tags. But then there’s Sue, your multi-brand Director, responsible for performance across all of your brands. Sue needs access to Top Tags, Sub Tags, and Sub-Sub Tags and you can grant her that access.

Setting permissions on an individual basis is the quickest, easiest way to keep your data secure and your reporting simple.

Got it? Awesome! Give it a try and let us know what you think.👌🏼

Still curious? Feel free to reach out to our Customer Support team and we’ll get you started with creating Tags and user roles in no time. 😉

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