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Giving you the power to turn your
marketing data into actionable insights

Get a new perspective on your marketing data. Gain clarity over your marketing decisions.
Act on these insights to improve your marketing performance.
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What our Customers say about us:

Our users save many hours every month thanks to planning tools, instant data integrations, automated data visualisation tools and a workspace tailored to your organisation.


“What we appreciate with Mediatool is that we can have 100% visibility of all of our costs related to our marketing efforts, both during set-up and for specific campaigns.”

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Your complete Marketing Management Platform

Mediatool helps you manage every step of your marketing activities. From briefing to presenting your results.

With Mediatool’s collaboration features your entire team is on the same page, no matter where they are around the world.

Mediatool has a long list of features and integrations to make launching a campaign more efficient.

Mediatool unlocks the power of your media data – so that you make better business decisions and run more impactful campaigns.


Mediatool for Brands

Mediatool is the only tool your team needs to plan, execute, track and optimise media and marketing campaigns.
One single source of truth
Collaboration tools for your team
All your media, managed
Plan better for success

Mediatool for Agencies​

Increase productivity with streamlined delivery and better collaboration across your entire client portfolio. Grow revenue with confidence, using real-time performance data to optimise investment.

Get more done in less time & save hours on reporting
Deliver better campaigns​
All plans and campaigns in one place​
Collaborate like never before​

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Mediatool helps you manage every step of your media management process. From briefing to results.

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