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Mediatool for Agencies

Collaborate with all your clients in one central hub

Streamline your approval process to execute campaigns and report back to clients faster.

Collaborating with your Brand Managers can be a juggling act as you send emails back and forth with updates and end up with multiple versions of the media plan.

Build and scale media plans in Mediatool to suit you and your client’s needs. Comment and request approval from clients, manage user permissions and track conversations and changes in the Changelog to ensure everything is accounted for in one place.

Save hours spent manually compiling brand reports when your client needs an update.

When a client wants a report, that usually means several hours’ work for multiple team members to pull together an up-to-date brand or campaign report that includes results from all the relevant media vehicles, markets, products, and more.

Say goodbye to manual report building with Mediatool! Grant account access to your clients so they can log in, view campaign progress in real-time, and generate customizable reports to suit their needs in just one click. Saving you time and keeping them happy.

Show your clients you're ahead of the curve and that their media data and money is in reliable hands.

Let’s face it, if your clients wanted to manage their marketing using countless spreadsheets, they’d rustle them up themselves and wouldn’t be coming to you for your expert help and advice. New, tailor-made solutions enable you to revolutionize the way you plan campaigns, execute them, and collaborate with clients.

Mediatool is packed with useful features and integrations so you can better plan and approve campaigns, visualize performance, track budgets, and switch effortlessly between client portfolios all from one digital media hub. It’s specifically designed for agencies and brands to work better together and create your most impactful marketing campaign yet.

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