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Measure your Results as They Roll in​

Get visibility of your performance data from online and offline campaigns. Easily adjust plans and reallocate budget based on your results.

Total budget control

Mediatool gives you full control of your media and marketing budget. Set your budget and manage how spend is distributed among your activities. Compare planned spend against actuals to quickly see where your money is going. Track ROI and make adjustments as necessary to get the most from your media investment. You can filter and cross-analyze data to see which is the best performing brand, region, creative, market and more.


Set and measure KPIs

Set and measure marketing KPIs better using Mediatool’s Target feature. You decide how to define success and visualize the progress with Mediatool. Manage the distribution of measures such as budget, by brand, product, quarter, campaign and see in real time how you are tracking. Targets allow brands and agencies to pivot when things aren’t going as planned and save money when a target is hit earlier than expected.

Powerful data integrations

Mediatool plays well with others. Access data from Facebook, Google Campaign Manager, Google Ads, LinkedIn and Instagram and more through Integrations. Choose the measures and dimensions most important to you and monitor your campaign in real time. Set up multiple integrations to track different brands or clients, and even create a reporting dashboard instantly.

Security for sensitive media data

Using a combination of user access rights, restricting columns and making certain resources like brands, markets and products protected, you are in full control of your organization’s data. Invite any internal or external user to Mediatool with the confidence they will only see what you have given them permission to see.

Customization options

Mediatool is flexible and customizable. Create an account specific to your needs and the way you work. Customize with labels, tags, media types and vehicles, media data fields and more to work more efficiently across the entire team. We’ll help you understand all the customization options and get set up just the way you like.


Mediatool’s changelog tracks activity for transparency in the planning process. Find out when a plan goes from working, to pending, to approved – and who was responsible for the approvals. Plus use the comment function to give feedback at every stage. Changelog keeps everyone on the same page.

Version history

No need to send excel spreadsheets back and forth, and hope you have the most recent one! With Mediatool you are always working in the latest version of your media strategy, while the Version History tool allows you to go back and view or contrast older versions – all while still working in the most recent iteration.

Media data taxonomy

Set custom tags and tag hierarchies for simple global classification. Your team decides how to classify data so there is no risk of incorrectly labelled data. This means you can plan campaigns, track data, filter, and generate reports with full confidence everything is where it should be and nothing is missing.

UTI codes

Connect campaign plans to real-world performance using Unique Transaction Identifier codes in Mediatool. When you finalize a media order you can retain the vital UTI in high-level plans or attach it to specific activity. Save time with all your activity data in one place.


Custom UTM building

Create UTMs to track your media in 3rd party systems, based on your own custom format and the media data that you input into Mediatool.

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