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Prove How Marketing Contributes to Business Goals​

Generate reports in seconds to show how your campaigns are helping you reach marketing goals and create business opportunity.

Media dashboards

Generate customized dashboards to display planned metrics like spends, engagement, budgets and more, with the ability to filter data or get a holistic overview. Create multiple dashboards for different campaigns, clients or data sets. You can even save filters and timeframes as bookmarks to make it simpler the next time you need instant access to your data.

Reporting made easy

Combine planned campaign data with your actual results and create visually stunning reports directly from Mediatool. No need to sift through mountains of spreadsheets and spend hours creating a report. Now you can visualize planned against actual data, connect to popular platforms via Integrations, and present accurate data (in your brand colors) in a few clicks.

Generate insertion orders

Create customized Insertion Orders right from your media plan, and choose which columns you’d like to include along with contact details, contract notes and logos. Our easy to use IO feature makes it easy to send your order in a comprehensive PDF straight to an email address and track when the link has been visited or the document downloaded.

Naming conventions

Every plan you create in Mediatool receives a specific plan-tracking code based on your own naming rule. Your team decides how to name plans so you can tell just by looking at the name what the plan involves. Mediatool helps you stay on top of all your plans so you save time for what really matters.

API connectivity

Mediatool has an API enabling our enterprise customers to connect Mediatool to other external or internal systems. We understand you have your own way of working. Our developers can help you get connected for seamless integration into your organization.

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