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The Future of Marketing: Is In-Housing Here to Stay?

The concept of in-housing isn’t new, but studies show that since the pandemic there’s been a huge trend towards in-housing marketing operations. There are a lot of pros to in-housing, but there are also many cons, and a lot of teams that moved everything in-house, then decided to engage agency partnerships again. 

Finding what works for your team might take some trial and error. In this ebook we explain all possibilities to consider if you’re umming and arring about the move to in-house. We also look at how this might shape the future of marketing and what the agency/in-house team relationship might look like in that future.

What’s Inside

  • The Recent Trend to In-House Marketing
  • What is In-Housing?
  • Pros and Cons of Moving Marketing Operations In-House
  • Building an In-House Marketing Team Structure
  • How is In-Housing Affecting Ad Agencies?
  • What is the Difference Between an Ad Agency and an In-House Team?
  • Pros and Cons of Agency Partnerships in Marketing
  • The Hybrid Approach
  • What Will the Future Bring for In-Housing and Agencies?
  • The Future of Marketing Operations
  • Where Mediatool Comes In!
The Future of Marketing: Is In-Housing Here to Stay?
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