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The Rising Importance of Marketing Operations for CMOs

CMOs are taking notice of the operational efficiencies, process improvements and innovations that a well-tuned MarOps function delivers. They’re also taking stock. If you’re one of the CMOs turning your focus internally to find efficiencies and growth potential, you’re already on the journey to stepping up Marketing Operations capabilities.

This guide will help you formalize, strategize and operationalize. It will challenge conventional ideas about Marketing Operations, and will reposition marketing technology as a strategic tool, not an afterthought. Ultimately, we hope it puts a framework around your goals and leads to a future- ready Marketing Operations function.

What’s Inside

  • Introduction
  • How Do You Define Marketing Operations?
  • Where MarOps Fits in Modern Companies
  • Why MarOps Should be on the CMO Agenda
  • Marketing Operations Models
  • Marketing Operations Models for Modern Businesses
  • How CMOs Can Transform Marketing Operations in 5 Steps
  • Dos and Don’ts for CMOs
  • Building a Scalable MarTech Stack
  • All-in-one Campaign Management Solution for Modern MarOps Teams
  • What’s Next for Marketing Operations?
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