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How Marketing Agencies Become Smarter With Mediatool


Guide: How Marketing Agencies Become Smarter With Mediatool

Consumer behavior has changed a lot since before the pandemic. As everything moved online, even traditionally non-digital industries had to create marketing strategies to fight for consumers’ attention online. Some managed this shift well and others didn’t. The result was then two-fold. Some enlisted help from agencies, while others moved marketing in-house. 

This has created more pressure for agencies to generate results for clients. According to the CMO Survey, 70% of CMOs are still struggling to show impact from their marketing investments. And this is the same for agencies, who are so busy creating cutting edge campaigns, building value for clients and reaching your own goals too. You end up bogged down with everyday tasks just to deliver the work, let alone taking the time to properly report successes to clients. 

If your agency was one of the lucky ones who gained more clients, that doesn’t mean it’s any easier. More clients means more stakeholders involved in decision making, more people to report to, more red tape and less visibility. It also means processes are slowed down and with more projects, quality can take a back seat. 

On top of that, with so much to track, measure and report on for each client, proving effectiveness of your work becomes even more complicated. 

But here’s the thing: proving ROI to your clients doesn’t have to be that hard. It simply comes down to being nimble with your processes and smarter about how you learn from your results.

We built Mediatool to help agencies do just that. By having visibility over your client work in one platform and being more efficient, you have time to spot opportunities that your clients can be excited about. So they see your agency as the experts that you are. 

In this guide, we’ll explain how your agency can become smarter with Mediatool by your side. 

Get to grips with your client’s data

Consumer habits aren’t the only thing that’s changed recently. Marketing data as we know it is evolving. Agencies must champion data in everything they do, in order to show clients what is possible with agency partnerships. Those that don’t get to grips with how they handle their client’s data now will be left behind.

Despite having data at their fingertips, agencies face constant issues with it, citing things like: poor quality data and not trusting that it’s reliable as some of the biggest barriers to using it to its full potential. 

Truth is, when used correctly, data is the biggest tool in a marketers’ back pocket. Especially those at agencies who have the same problem across their client portfolio. However, so many just aren’t using it to reach their goals in the way they should. 

As consumers become more aware of how their data is used and have more control over who they give it to, you need to get personal with your client’s customers. Understand what they really want and how your client’s product or service can make their life better. The days of relying on personal information alone are over and the future is in building relationships with your client’s target audience. 

To truly understand your client’s customer, you must understand how to use the data you do have to better serve them. And to do this, the data can no longer exist in silos. Maybe you don’t even realize that your data is siloed. Ask yourself this: how many analytics tools, systems and platforms do you use to collect your client’s data, review it and report on it? Exactly.

With a birds-eye view of the marketing activity and performance for each account, you’ll gain the insights you need to easily see how your work is helping your customer reach their marketing goals. And with these insights, you’ll learn how to respond to change, innovate and focus your strategy on the tactics that produce the best results.

How Mediatool helps you become smarter with your data

  • Unify your data in one place 

Siloed data brings with it a whole host of issues, but the main ones are that it’s near impossible to get a clear overview of how all of your client’s campaigns are running and how you can edit and optimize them. You shouldn’t have to put up with this. 

In Mediatool, you no longer have to! Bring all of your client profiles and their data sources together, by collating and hosting it in one platform. We’re talking online data, offline data, you name it. Not only does it give you peace of mind knowing it’s all in one secure platform, you save so much time you used to waste chasing clients for updates and switching systems for each customer. 

  • Organize and categorize it however you prefer

Mediatool really is your team’s workspace. Every company has different processes, ways of classifying data based on how they work, and you can edit each organization for each client’s way of working. Mediatool is fully customizable to you and your client’s needs. Got hundreds of ad launches you need to keep tabs on? No problem. Need to track spend in 5 different currencies? Easy.

Once you’re set up and can see all activities in your Mediatool dashboard, you can sit back and relax knowing that your team is working to the same structure. Better yet, it also removes room for human error. Creating rules in Mediatool means that new girl Stacey from the US team can’t accidentally make a mistake, making sure your client’s data is reliable at all times.

  • Track traffic in real time

Integrate your client’s organic and paid channels and Mediatool will display your results as they happen. Having quick access to your client’s results allows you to spot smart opportunities to better optimize campaigns in the nick of time. 

Create UTM parameters and UTI codes to monitor traffic from all of the channels. And–a personal favorite–there’s no need to login to different analytics tools to find out how different channels performed, it’ll all be in your Mediatool dashboard.

Use insights to build your client’s story

Regardless of what you’re marketing, we’re all marketing to people. Becoming a smarter marketer means putting yourself into the shoes of your client’s customers and creating personal connections with them on behalf of your customers.

In order to build this connection, you need to take the data you have and turn it into insights. But the work doesn’t stop there. The secret to transformative insights is how you turn them into a story. You need to use these insights to firstly understand the customers’ story and their motivation for purchasing, and secondly to find a better way of telling them the brand’s story. 

Once you’ve figured out how to do both, shifting your perspective from numbers on a page to interacting with people, your results will sky-rocket! 

This goes for how you approach existing customers too. Learning how current customers interact with the brand you’re working for can help you figure out how to get to know them better. 

But, your client audiences aren’t all the same. Different people engage with brands in different ways, via different channels, forms of content, stages of the funnel and so on. In order to build your story and a greater connection with these different audiences, you need to learn how to pull actionable insights from it. 

How to become a smarter storyteller with Mediatool

  • Test, review, optimize

Generating better insights is all about approaching your client’s data with questions and letting it tell you the answer. Based on what you find, you then need to test alternatives, review the results and make tweaks to optimize it further. 

This is something not enough agencies do, and maybe it’s because you don’t have time, but it will make you smarter in the long run. And that’s where Mediatool comes in. Run tests and track the results directly in Mediatool. You can then create custom reports to review the new data in comparison with previous insights and optimize your client’s results to better cater to the needs of their customer.

  • Switch up plans and budgets accordingly

It’s not just your client’s data you have full control over in Mediatool. You can create future strategies, set delivery KPIs and allocate budget, in line with results. 

Once you’ve learnt what is and isn’t working for your clients (and tweaked campaigns accordingly) simply adjust your future marketing plan and work with clients to shift budget to make sure you’re putting your client’s eggs in the right baskets.

  • Amplify your client’s message 

How long do you usually spend creating reports for your clients let alone internally? It wastes time that you could be spending getting creative or becoming better at your role. Until you use Mediatool, where you get smarter about how you go about it.

In Mediatool the reports are generated for you. Simply choose what elements you want to show and create as many as you need.  The time you’ll save on generating reports, allows you more time to amplify your message in client meetings. The report is there to showcase your team’s performance, but with this extra time you can shape how you tell this as a story to your clients, to prove that ever important ROI. 

Improve remote working for your team

Remote working is going nowhere. But agencies now realize they can’t work how they did in person, online. 

A whopping 86% of workers say they feel more productive working remotely, making it a no-brainer for agency directors who need all the productivity they can get.

 As long as management provides staff with the right tools to do their job from home, employees remain happy and are 74% more likely to stay at the company. So why are so many agencies still finding it hard to collaborate effectively?

There are a lot of marketing tools out there. And there’s also a lot of collaboration tools out there. But teams are still struggling to collaborate remotely. With the onset of the pandemic, companies jumped on the bandwagon thinking they needed every project management, collaboration and analytics tool out there, accidentally creating new problems. With the added processes and virtual micro-management that these tools brought with them, it actually made it harder and more time consuming to get the job done. 

To make sure your team is happy in their jobs and work better together, agency leaders need to help them work smarter, not harder. And in the same way Mediatool helps you improve your campaigns, it also improves your team’s productivity. 

How to work smarter with Mediatool 

  • Better and faster collaboration

It’s not just data you unify in Mediatool. It’s all of your client’s marketing activities. Create campaign plans that you and your clients can work on together.

Think of Mediatool as there to help you to do your job, but smarter, and whilst making your life easier. No jumping between platforms to get client work done. No chasing clients for approval and waiting weeks. Up to date information for everyone who needs to be involved, so everyone is on the same page. Give different levels of access to whoever needs it, comment on and approve plans and even produce briefs all within the platform.

We’re not just talking about internal teams either. Work with agencies or contractors in Mediatool too. And if you’re an agency with multiple clients, simply pop in and out of different customer plans in a few clicks. 

  • Smarter management for Client Directors

By removing unnecessary processes and improving collaboration, productivity will reach an all time high. Not just for your team, but for you too.

Managing so many moving parts can be stressful for agency leaders. Coupled with the constant pressure to generate results and needing to keep your team happy, it can be hard to keep on top of everything. Well, that’s actually one of the reasons we built Mediatool, to help agencies become smarter at managing client accounts by giving them visibility and control.

In Mediatool you can set briefs and targets, give feedback, and approve plans for launch. Create reports that show you how it’s going so you can rest assured your team’s getting on with the tasks at hand, swapping micromanagement and countless video calls for more important team wellbeing and growth. 

  • Innovate and inspire

Happy teams don’t sit stagnant. They’re constantly challenged and changing things up. This gives you the chance to champion innovation for your clients, opening up discussions within your team and time to implement new approaches you previously would have never been able to. 

With the time you’ll save and the improved performance from using Mediatool, you’ll have the chance to become smarter with your time, using it to innovate and inspire your team. And you’ll finally be able to implement all those ideas that you ‘parked for later’ time and time again.

Future-proof your agency processes

We’ve worked with hundreds of agencies for over a decade and one thing we know for sure is that this industry is always evolving. And it’s only getting more complex. So, we evolve too. And to become a smarter marketer, so must you.

The platforms and tactics that generate results for you now, might not be the ones that work for you tomorrow. That’s why it’s critical that you’re always ready for change and can adapt at speed. Think about the start of the pandemic, companies that didn’t change quick enough were left suffering financially and had to let employees go. It’s a tough cookie to swallow but it’s the truth, and to make sure you don’t end up that way you’ve got to future-proof your processes. 

With Mediatool by your side, you’ll make smarter decisions and tighten up your processes, ready for whatever comes your way.

How you can get smarter about the future with Mediatool 

  • Better decision-making

Decision-making can make or break a campaign. Especially reactive decisions made out of panic. By giving you a 360 degree view of all of your client data, Mediatool lets you take a step back and view the bigger picture. 

By ensuring the data and insights are correct, and up to date, you’ll start to spot opportunities for clients, and easily advise them on decision-making. 

  • Co-create your future 

Like we said, marketing is always evolving and for that reason, so is Mediatool. One thing we’re really proud of is our relationships with our customers and how they impact the future of the platform. We encourage open conversation with them to help us continuously improve Mediatool. And once you’re on board, you’ll get the chance to help us shape it too, co-creating the future of your marketing. 

Part of becoming a smarter agency means investing in the right solutions that will go the distance by your side. And that is what we strive for with Mediatool. We’re a team of marketers just like you, and we’re hell bent on continuing to develop the best platform of its kind. Investing in Mediatool also means investing in a team that has your back, listens to your needs and modifies accordingly.

  • Prime your team for change

It’s not just agency leaders that need to be ready for change, this goes for the whole team. A positive mindset towards work paired with the right tools will create a better work environment for everyone.

It’ll also make it easier to adapt. Once your team is used to an innovative atmosphere, they’ll subconsciously look for it in everything they do. And when the industry changes again, they’ll be prepped and ready for it.

Creating an atmosphere that encourages smart working and innovation, will ensure your team is more fulfilled in their work, which will reflect in the results generated. And that starts with giving them a tool that can help them do what they’re good at, but in a smarter way (cough, cough, Mediatool). 

Understand what’s possible 

We can sit here and tell you what Mediatool does and why you should come on board (which you totally should), but the truth is, there is no hocus pocus. No magic results handed to you on a platter. You first need to shift your perspective to become open to the idea of success.

We can give you the tools, but you and your team still need to get smart about how you approach them to get the most out of the platform. We’re here to help you understand what’s possible. And to stop you repeating the same processes, having the same frustrations and inevitably getting the same results. 

We believe that with the right tools by your side, the opportunities are endless. We want to help you do the best marketing you’ve ever done for your clients and become a smarter agency for it. 

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