Vizeum - media agency customer case

Vizeum is a media agency network that comprises in more than 59 offices in 40 countries. Through effective and creative media solutions, Vizeum connect brands and consumers around the world and their customers' brands grow. Watch how Vizeum Sweden collaborates better with their clients and how they increase work and marketing efficiency with Mediatool.

Manage multiple clients from one account

Easily access all your client media plans within a single Mediatool account. All plans are independent of one another and files related to specific plans can be stored with their corresponding client. Visualized calendar flowcharts and report dashboards keep all activities organized.

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Mediatool request for approval of media plans
Send plans for approval

Mediatool gives you the ability to get approval from your client quickly and easily. When plans are sent for approval your client will receive an email notification with a link to the plan. From that point, they are able to comment and approve the content. All comments and feedback from your client will be viewable by you within your Mediatool account.

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Collaborate better internally & with your client

Mediatool makes it easy to visualize your clients’ marketing activities with customized reports. Share those insights with the rest of your agency or your client and rest-assured that the information will be presented in an attractive, understandable, and professional manner. Saving time, organizing your client activity, and improving overall efficiency is simple with Mediatool. Get up and running with our media planning software by letting us to walk you through each step.

Agencies, we’re talking to you

As an agency, you are in control of your clients’ media planning. From coordinating marketing efforts to managing subsequent to-dos, there’s no shortage of time you spend implementing campaigns. Making those campaigns successful has a lot to do with organization, efficiency, and good reporting.

Why Mediatool?

Mediatool is built to save you time by removing time-consuming steps and automating routine admin work. Features like our cloud-based media plan, customized reports, activity reminders, and budget updates mean you can focus on the most important tasks while Mediatool takes care of the small stuff.

Tricky reporting questions from your clients? Solved with just a click. In Mediatool, you can filter and search from a multitude of unique filter options so that your visual reports are coherent, customized, and created with ease. Gather and input all of your clients’ media data into one place so you can easily analyze different sets of data or compare investments against performance outcomes. You’ll also receive comprehensive financial overviews of media spend per client and an aggregated view for your whole agency.

With Mediatool for Agencies, not only can you manage all of your clients from a single account but you can collaborate internally - with your agency - and externally - with your client - on all planning and reporting.

Mediatool is simple to learn and easy to use. Get your agency started with our onboarding setup and training.