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Productivity and results for agencies

Mediatool is the all-in-one planning, execution, tracking and reporting tool for media and marketing campaigns. Increase productivity with streamlined delivery and better collaboration across your entire client portfolio. Grow revenue with confidence, using real-time performance data to optimise investment.

Hundreds of tangible benefits, one better way of working. Forget spreadsheets and get to know Mediatool.

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Get more done in less time

Mediatool users save hours every week on planning, execution and reporting. Imagine what you could accomplish with more time and less tedious admin tasks in your day. Streamlined processes across every stage of the campaign unlock efficiency like you wouldn’t believe.

Deliver better campaigns

Plan for impact, execute campaigns faster, and optimise results with real-time data integrations. Generate insertion orders and receive reminders for upcoming deadlines. Always know how investments are performing so you can optimise placements at any time.

All plans and campaigns in one place

One Mediatool account is home to all your clients and campaigns for the same affordable price. You decide how to store and display information and our secure server keeps your data safe.

Collaborate like never before

Mediatool introduces cloud-based collaboration to the agency-client relationship. Plan and approve campaigns, visualise performance, track budgets and much more all through one easy to use hub.

Save hours on reporting

Real-time performance data tracking? Check. Intuitive, easy to use campaign dashboards? Check. Simple exporting of campaign results, dashboards and campaign data? Check, check, check. Reporting has simply never been this good.

Harness the power of marketing data

Use an incredible amount of data to make better recommendations. Compare planned and actual results (and spend). Export charts and dashboards for instant, impressive reporting. Filter data for a clearer picture. Whatever data your clients need, it’s all here in Mediatool.

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