Mediatool reporting for brands

One single source of truth

Mediatool provides a crystal clear holistic view of all your campaigns. Never hunt through spreadsheets or worry about conflicting versions again. Manage multiple campaigns from a single account. Plus with responsive real-time data feeds, you can instantly see which media investments are performing best.

Collaboration tools for your entire team

Collaborate like never before. Approve media plans, share files, work together on targeting and decide how you control access. Collaborate with agencies to deliver media plans, all through a single user friendly cloud-based platform. Everyone is on the same page with Mediatool.

Mediatool collaborations for brands

Mediatool advertisement for brands

All your media, managed

Orchestrate media and marketing campaigns in real time. Mediatool is a simplified media management platform for diverse campaigns. Create detailed media plans with visualised target tracking so you always know how your investments are performing. Generate insertion orders and integrate with third-party platforms easily.

Plan better for success

Mediatool has helpful media planning features to take the hassle out of coordinating large campaigns. Our users save 8 hours every month thanks to planning tools, instant data integrations, automated data visualisation tools and a workspace tailored to your organisation.

Mediatool integrations for brands

Mediatool calendar for brands

Harness the power of data

Mediatool provides unprecedented access to data for visibility in diverse markets, and across all your brand and product categories. Track campaign performance in real time. Take control over budgets. Filter data for a clearer picture. From the global to the hyperlocal, all the data you need for better decision making is here in Mediatool.

Josephine Adorelle - Aimo Solutions
Josephine Adorelle
General Manager, Marketing IR & PR at Aimo Solutions
"What we appreciate with Mediatool is that we can have 100% visibility of all of our costs related to our marketing efforts, both during set-up and for specific campaigns."
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Jan Biedermann - Montforthaus
Jan Biedermann
Head of Content for Montforthaus Feldkirch GmbH
"We were looking for a software that would let us plan, analyze and manage our media plans and data, anywhere, at any time. Our search led us to Mediatool."
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Natacha McLeod - Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Natacha McLeod
Director of Marketing for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
"This tool has been such an asset for us! What I love about Mediatool is that its features are so plug-and-play and intuitive."
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Mediatool cloud based security

Cloud based brilliance

Preventing unauthorized access to customer data is a top priority at Mediatool. We continuously work to identify and mitigate security risks by implementing best practices.

All data in transit between Mediatool clients and servers is encrypted using strong encryption protocols. Mediatool supports the latest recommended secure ciphers suits to encrypt all traffic in transit (TLS 1.2 protocols, AES256-encryption) and can be used when supported by clients. We always follow the latest cryptographic recommendations and upgrade cipher suite choices when needed.

All data at rest in Mediatool’s production environment is encrypted. This includes production databases, file stores and backups. Encryption keys are stored in a separate secure server with limited access. Keys are delivered to instances during process startup and retained in memory only.

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