Betsson Group - advertiser customer case

Betsson group is an innovative company focusing primarily on the i-Gaming entertainment business and has over 1900 people working for them. Watch how Betsson and their agencies manages all their marketing for 10 brands in 22 markets in a modern way using Mediatool.

Present your marketing activities in a professional way

Generate and share real-time reports to highlight the exemplary work you and your marketing department are doing. With Mediatool you can visualise your marketing activities in a format that is professional, attractive, and easy to understand.

Mediatool dashboard

Mediatool approval of media plans
Easily approve or reject plans

Save time by receiving feedback directly in the Mediatool platform. Mediatool gives you, and any participating agencies or clients, the ability to approve or reject portions of your media plan.

Mediatool media plan
Campaign overviews made crystal clear

Mediatool keeps you organized. Whether you’re viewing your data by market, brand, product, or media channel, our software presents detailed, easy-to-understand overviews of spending and performance. So, regardless of how many campaigns you are managing or how many markets you are operating within, you’ll have all the information you need, with the click of a button.

Media planning made easy

With Mediatool, you get the complete picture of all your marketing activities, from placement to performance, in one, centralized hub that is easy to access.

Gone are the days of endless emails, juggling multiple different versions of Excel spreadsheets, and error-laden budget sheets. Our cloud-based media planning software will become your single source of truth for organizing and understanding all of your budgets, campaigns, and reports.

Why Mediatool?

Marketers are faced with the challenging reality of an industry that refuses to slow down. Demand for good marketing is at an all time high. So are expectations for marketers to seamlessly manage their media activities and diverse client portfolios. Today, many marketers are managing campaigns using a range of metrics across a host of different, non-compatible platforms making it nearly impossible to get one, aggregated view. That's why marketers who are committed to working smarter, not harder, are turning to Mediatool. Our proprietary media planning software helps you organize your media plans in one place, collaborate more easily, and receive a dashboard report presented in a professional format.

With Mediatool, marketers receive a comprehensive, real-time overview of all their marketing campaigns and activities. By scanning out to view campaigns from a higher, more cumulative vantage point, you gain better control over your marketing budget. A better understanding of where money is being spent will always give you a better sense of how to best allocate future funds.

Consider Mediatool your premier marketing performance management tool. When managing your campaigns in Mediatool, you can upload files, connect all creative to their respective activities, compare planned versus actual results to dictate future planning, and have one place where you can find everything relating to your campaigns.

Mediatool is simple to learn and easy to use. Get your organization started with our onboarding setup and training.

With Mediatool you get: