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UX director

Company Introduction

Welcome to Mediatool – a thriving startup building a collaborative web application for advertisement planning. Our environment when it comes to coding include continuous integration, test first and focus on delivery. We strive to use the latest and best technology whenever possible. We highly value quality code that is scalable and maintainable.

You will be joining a growing team of developers working in Malmö, Sweden at a nice central office. We also have an office in Stockholm where our sales team is located.

Mediatool is a flat organization with very short decision paths where every employee has an operational role. This puts high demand on you as an employee to be self sufficient and to take responsibility for your own development ,
but you will also have colleagues willing to share their knowledge and experience in building applications.
If this way of working suits you, you will thrive in our environment that is creative and simple. It is important to us that you have good analytical thinking and that you can structure your own work.

Pleasee visit our website: https://mediatool.com for more information about our company.

Job Description

We are looking for an experienced UX director with the ambition to lead the work to develop the look and feel of an entire application.

Your initial responsibilities will be to add design and implement the UI for new features or to redesign existing. As you grow into the team you will get more and more responsibilities, eventually taking over the job of as the leader of our UI/UX development.

You will be expected to build out our existing component library and to interview customers about wanted features in order to understand their needs. Together with the rest of the dev team, you will take part in developing our product with discussions on how to structure the app from the database layer to the UI.


  • Competitive salary
  • Pension plan
  • Private health insurance (Prioritized care)
  • Health insurance
  • Nice central office with great commuting options, free coffee and Red Bull
  • Choose your own equipment. (PC/Mac and Gadgets)
  • Generous Friskvårdsbidrag


  • Create the design and user flow of new features
  • Improve the UI of existing features
  • Communicate with customers to understand their needs and translate it into features suitable for the application
  • Build a graphical component library for reusable graphical components

Skills And Qualifications

  • A minimum of 5 years of documented experience with UI/UX development for web applications.
  • The ability to translate complex concepts and interactions into visually coherent wireframes or prototypes.
  • Proficiency with modern design tools such as Adobe CS, Sketch or similar.
  • Be able to work fast and slow. Take your time with new large parts of the application, but also deliver quickly on small improvements of existing components.
  • Good communication skills since part of the job includes customer interviews.
  • Ability to implement components in HTML/CSS.

Application for the job

This position is full-time and available immediately.

To apply for this job please send us your CV and and a short letter describing yourself.
Please attach a portfolio of previous work and/or links to applications or web pages you have been a part of designing.

Send this information to jobs@mediatool.com with the subject ‘UX director’

If you fulfill the requirements for the position you will be contacted regarding an interview.