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Agile Marketing: The Ultimate Guide [2023]

In this guide, we dive into agile marketing—a streamlined, strategic, systematic approach to delivering customer value and reducing burnout among marketers.

What’s Inside

Agile marketing is an approach where the team works together in short, focused sprints. Work is deployed rapidly. It might not be perfect immediately, but it’s in the market much faster. 

If you’re looking to become more dynamic, and improve your speed and marketing performance, this guide is for you.

  • What is Agile Marketing?
  • How Does Agile Marketing Work?
  • Characteristics of Agile for Agencies & Brands
  • 12 Principles of Agile
  • Myths & Misconceptions
  • Benefits of Agile Marketing
  • How to Implement
  • Agile Marketing Team
  • How to Build an Agile-Ready MarTech Stack
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