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Time-Saving Shortcuts for Better Marketing Reports (with Examples in Mediatool)


Time-Saving Shortcuts for Better Marketing Reports (with Examples in Mediatool)

Creating insightful marketing reports is a non-negotiable part of the job for marketers and agencies. But the skills, knowledge and resources needed to gather and analyze marketing data can often limit reporting capabilities. Not to mention the time it takes to make reports look good! Add to that the scale of reporting required in large brands and agencies, these limitations can cause serious bottlenecks in productivity and jeopardize competitive advantage.

At least, that’s how it used to be.

As AI and automation tools become more prevalent, marketing reporting is getting easier, with better results. Digital marketing dashboards like Mediatool are increasingly streamlining reporting processes and workflows, with significant benefits across the board.

Three Benefits of Marketing Reporting Tools

1. Freeing up Hours of Time

In a study by WARC and PHD, marketers reported spending just 18% of their time coming up with creative ideas, and 88% of those surveyed said reporting tasks like performance tracking, analysis and audience insight take up large chunks of their day.

Automation eliminates several time-consuming manual tasks and streamlines others, saving marketers around eight hours each month.

2. Improving Reporting Accuracy

Poor data quality affects more than a quarter of marketing reports (26%), despite marketers spending nearly a third of their time (32%) managing data quality. A well-implemented digital marketing dashboard will improve data accuracy, giving global brands and agencies the confidence to make better-informed business decisions.

3. Enabling More Insightful Marketing Analytics

According to MarketingWeek, 33.4% of brands reported a skills gap in digital marketing reporting skills, specifically data and analytics expertise. Digital marketing dashboards are a crucial piece of the skills puzzle. The right user-friendly tool will make any marketer a data analytics expert, helping to fill the capability gap without investing in outside talent.

Shortcuts to Improve and Accelerate Your Marketing Reports

The key to unlocking all three benefits at the same time is automation.

Good marketing reporting tools – those built with agency and brand teams in mind – will automate several time-consuming tasks throughout the process:

  • Data collection: Automatically pulling data from multiple sources, so marketers don’t need to spend time exporting data and updating spreadsheets.
  • Mid-campaign performance insights: Digital marketing dashboards should overlay performance data against KPIs and goals.
  • Calculations and data analytics: Conditional calculations help marketers understand ROAS and ROI without guessing or performing complex mental gymnastics. 
  • Reports: An integrated marketing reporting tool should provide the flexibility to create bespoke reports in a matter of minutes, complete with branding and annotated charts and graphs. 

Mediatool Shortcuts to Help you Trim Down Reporting Time

Mediatool is an all-in-one Campaign Management Platform for brands and agencies. The integrated solution provides powerful, flexible, and user-friendly tools to track, measure, analyze and report on organic and paid marketing campaigns.

Here are a few ways Mediatool’s marketing analytics reports can take your team’s reporting skills to the next level without a high level of technical expertise:

Fast, High-Quality Reporting

Let’s start at the end with Mediatool’s digital marketing reporting capabilities.

Creating accurate, visually stunning branded reports only takes a few clicks with the built-in marketing reporting templates. And because the templates are fully flexible, Mediatool users can drill down on specific data points or include custom charts and graphs that demonstrate ROI according to the audience.

Time-Saving Shortcuts for Better Marketing Reports


Multi-Channel Data Analysis


Using API connectivity, Mediatool integrates seamlessly with internal and external systems to collect data from across the marketing spectrum. Our developers are continually adding Integrations for popular platforms like TikTok and Pinterest Ads. We can also work with you to create custom API connections to existing software.


Planning and Performance Dashboards


Mediatool goes far beyond displaying marketing performance data.

Users can generate customized dashboards that show performance against planned metrics like spend, engagement and budget.

These dashboards provide a convenient overview of campaign performance, with the ability to:

  • Quickly assess performance against predictions
  • Spot insights in the data
  • Drill down on specific data sets
  • Pivot to improve campaign performance

With the ability to create independent dashboards for different clients, campaigns, brands or markets, insights are always close at hand. 

Mediatool's reporting dashboard

Centralized Overview

Something as simple as seeing all marketing results in one place can save significant time for busy brands and marketing agencies. Mediatool consolidates marketing data into a flexible dashboard, providing quick access to essential performance metrics. Monitoring and analyzing marketing data in a holistic dashboard means teams can make faster, more informed business decisions.

Campaign Naming Conventions

Every media plan receives a unique tracking code based on parameters and naming conventions chosen by you, the user. Managing multiple brands, clients and/or campaigns can quickly become chaotic. However, UTMs tailored to your company’s campaigns keep things organized automatically.

Consistent tracking codes and naming conventions mean marketers don’t need to go chasing after data. They can stay on top of multiple parallel campaigns, with more time to focus on strategic and creative tasks.

Time-Saving Shortcuts for Better Marketing Reports - UTM tracking

Demand More From Your Marketing Reporting Tool


As the need for high-quality marketing and media planning reports increases at the same rate as the demand for in-house data analytics expertise, the answer is to invest in a holistic campaign management platform.

Mediatool supports global teams and busy agencies to manage an increasing workload without spending hours on mundane reporting tasks.

Through robust API connectivity, automations, user-friendly reporting tools and real-time data handling, Mediatool helps you to prove ROI to the wider business, while simultaneously improving results.

Explore the full features list on our website or request a guided demo from the Mediatool team.

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