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The Top Enterprise-Grade Marketing Management Tools


Marketing Management Tools

Our choice of the best project management, marketing automation, and email marketing platforms available for enterprise.

Martech has boomed over the last decade and since the pandemic sped up the move to remote working, there is more demand than ever for marketing management tools. When it comes to large businesses or companies in industries like FMCG, iGaming and eCommerce, trying to organize and run multiple campaigns across product ranges is almost impossible without a tool by your side.

With more marketing platforms appearing every year it can be challenging to know which is best suited to your needs. We understand that migrating to a new martech solution is a major business decision that can make or break your marketing efficiency and the success of your organization. It’s important to do thorough research and take careful consideration before committing to a new platform.

To help get you started, we’ve rounded up our pick of the best enterprise-grade platforms for project management, email marketing and marketing automation and optimization to show you what’s possible with truly helpful tools by your side.

Best project management software

For complex projects: LiquidPlanner

Price: $39 per month per user (Professional)

What we like

  • Rich tracking and resource management
  • Drag-and-drop simplicity
  • Responsive site


  • Expensive
  • Takes time to learn and set up
  • Interface could use a refresh

LiquidPlanner is one of the best apps for managing projects, tasks, and teams.

For team collaboration: Teamwork

Price: contact sales team (Enterprise)

What we like

  • Simple and intuitive design
  • Great customization options


  • Lacking some basic features, like PDF and image markup tools

With an extensive set of features and an intuitive interface, Teamwork is a great tool for managing projects.

For automations: Smartsheet

Price: contact sales team (Enterprise)

What we like

  • Powerful and highly customizable
  • Includes automations, web forms, proofing, and approvals


  • Added fees for certain tools e.g. time-tracking, budgeting, and resource management
  • Pages don’t update in real-time or autosave with every keystroke

If you put in the time to learn what Smartsheet can do and customize it to your specific needs, it can become your go-to tool for project management and for many other collaborations too.

Best email marketing software

For email marketing and list management: Campaigner

Price: $649 per month (Advanced)

What we like

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Productivity-focused UI
  • Wide range of templates and options
  • Comprehensive onboarding and help resources


  • Requires credit card for free trial
  • No free version
  • Migrating can be a pain

Campaigner leads the way for competitive email marketing, automation, and analytic features to suit experienced digital marketers and newcomers alike.

For large-scale email marketing: Twilio SendGrid

Price: custom (Premier)

What we like

  • Designed for sending emails at scale
  • Good reputation management
  • Comprehensive email analytics


  • Limited range of design templates
  • Basic template and HTML editors
  • Dedicated IP address and email validation only on Pro Plan

Twilio SendGrid is seemingly simple email and digital marketing software, but it’s reliable and highly scalable.

Best marketing automation software

For cross-channel marketing automation: HubSpot

Price: $3,200 per month (Enterprise)

What we like

  • Includes CRM integration
  • Great range of social media management options
  • Impressive content marketing automation
  • Integrates with other HubSpot services


  • Expensive
  • Steep learning curve

It’s tough to beat HubSpot Marketing if you’re looking for an end-to-end martech solution. The platform has generous features that combine marketing automation with email marketing, sales, and CRM.

For large businesses and Salesforce users: Pardot

Price: $15,000 per month (Premium)

What we like

  • Wide range of email marketing and automation features
  • Unlimited automation branching
  • New user onboarding service
  • Integrates with Salesforce apps like Einstein


  • Expensive
  • Lacks a standalone mobile app

While on the expensive side, Pardot sets the standard for martech automation and email marketing by combining intuitive design with deep features that cover plenty of integration options and AI-fuelled analytics.

For advanced customizations: ActiveCampaign

Price: $229 per month (Enterprise)

What we like

  • Many third-party integrations and auto-responder options
  • Excellent support


  • Short free trial
  • Crowded dashboard

ActiveCampaign offers a lot of marketing features crammed into a cluttered interface—although this is balanced out by its excellent online support.

For marketing automation on a large budget: Act-On

Price: $2,000 per month (Enterprise)

What we like

  • Plug-ins for social media and social marketing tools
  • Well-designed workflow creator makes designing automations easy
  • Bring in whatever you need to make your workflows and emails more intelligent with their open API


  • Limited ability to scale a growing database

Act-On is one of the least expensive marketing automation softwares for teams on a tighter budget and customers claim that it can improve communication between marketing and sales teams for lead generation.

Best marketing optimization software


Price: custom user-based pricing (Enterprise)

Look, we are biased here as it is our tool… but hear us out!

Mediatool is a marketing optimization tool that gives you a strategic overview of all your marketing activities in line with budgets to give you visibility over your marketing data. Mediatool gives you control of your marketing activities and helps you get on top of your data, make better decisions and improve performance.

Built for global marketing teams, Mediatool not only increases collaboration within the marketing department, but also with finance teams by viewing planned spend in direct correlation with actual spend and results.


Key elements

  • Connects campaigns and budgets to real-time data
  • Plan and view budgets in line with performance
  • Built for global, remote and cross-organizational teams
  • Integrate with all your other marketing channels
  • Powerful API fetches campaign data in real-time
  • Customizable to you and your team’s needs 
  • Generate tailor-made reports in one click 
  • Collaborate with your team on briefs, plans and targets in one place


  • What drawbacks? 😉

All in all, we built Mediatool to help you become a better marketing leader by giving you the clarity over your data that you should already have. By putting the power back in your hands, you have more time to focus on nurturing your team and answering your customers’ needs.

Get in touch with us for a free platform demo and to learn more about how Mediatool can help you become the marketing leader we know you can be!

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