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How to Build a High-Performing (Remote) Marketing Team


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Building and nurturing a motivated and cohesive marketing team has never been more important for driving innovative campaigns.

What makes a good marketing team? It’s getting more and more challenging to create a high-performing marketing team in the age of digitalization (let alone sustain one). Arguably the two core challenges for marketing executives are creating original, innovative campaigns with high impact, and keeping up with trends, market changes, and competitors.

Marketing is continually and rapidly changing, especially when teams are remotely dispersed around the country or globe. That said, it’s perfectly possible to build a motivated and committed marketing team that’s cohesive and efficient, and works with you to reach your marketing goals. But how exactly can you assemble and nurture a high-performing marketing team? The key areas to focus on are customer centricity, operational excellence, embracing remote working, and giving marketing teams ownership over revenue. Read on to learn how.

Be customer focused

Effective communication demands customer insight, so it makes sense that the closer marketers get to customers, the better they can do their job.  As your marketing team directly interacts with customers, they’ll more than likely feel validated in their role. This helps to give purpose and drive to their work and, in turn, improves performance.

Consider creating an online community where your team can directly interact with customers. For example, through one of the many customer service tools out there like Zendesk, Intercom, and Help Scout. Then, why not run a VoC (Voice of the Customer) program to get your team even closer to customers. The feedback you gather can be used to highlight pain points and develop customer success stories which can be used in future marketing campaigns too.

Strive for operational excellence

Coordinating campaigns across multiple channels is key to successful integrated marketing. Teams that focus on improving workflows and reducing processes perform better than those that don’t. Careful planning, close collaboration, and transparent communication are key to success.

To ensure operation excellence in your workforce, give team members responsibility and set specific KPIs to improve processes and performance. To help visualize and track goals, try adopting a collaborative marketing platform (like Mediatool!) that stores all your work in one place, helps you set and view targets and displays team results via customized dashboards. Setup agile workflows with sprint cycles for deliverables and review your success at the end of each cycle. Finally, automate admin (for example by using API-driven integrations) to reduce repetitive tasks—like copying and pasting data and manually compiling reports—so your team can focus on doing their job better.

Use remote working to your advantage

We live in a period of rapid change when building a high-performing marketing team has never been more important to wider business goals. Remote and hybrid work can sometimes feel like a gift or a burden. Today, the top talent often look for roles in companies that allow them to fit work around their lifestyle. This needs to be factored into your hiring process. Instead of thinking of remote working as an obstacle, use it to your advantage to help you find the best talent for your team. By now, most companies have ironed out initial teething pains from remote working, and if you adopt the right attitude towards it, your operational processes, team morale and marketing performance could hugely benefit from looking outside the box–or office location–for future colleagues.

When hiring talent, consider how new team roles complement and build on your current team practices and how this new position can assist agile workflows to develop and refine your marketing team’s performance. It’s also well worth considering how each role can be diversified over time so your staff continue to learn and take on new responsibilities. By doing this, your team members will become specialists in multiple areas. Not only will this boost your team’s results but individuals will feel respected and looked after, making them more likely to stay in the long term. Focus on hiring and developing your marketing team members in this way and you’ll be on your way to building a culture of excellence (and you’ll watch your campaign results skyrocket too!)

Give your team the tools to drive revenue

The digital economy has given revenue a front center seat in marketing. Customers have moved to online mediums and omnichannel marketing is rapidly growing. Bringing revenue closer to marketing activities not only allows you to see where your spend is going but also encourages you to squeeze as much ROI out of your budget as possible.

To help your team connect revenue to campaigns, channels, and activities, invest in performance marketing software to accurately track your budget, spend, and ROI. Your team can connect their marketing spend to revenue outcomes, streamline requests from stakeholders to prioritize the greatest revenue-driving activities, and A/B test key customer journey moments to identify those with the highest revenue-driving potential. With the right marketing tool, your team can be more customer-centric, achieve operational excellence, and surpass marketing objectives.

Mediatool’s marketing and media planning platform visualizes and tracks all your marketing activities under one roof so your teams can focus on creating and delivering high-impact marketing campaigns. Book a platform tour to see how it can help you build a high-performing marketing team.

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