June 16, 2017 inNews

New feature: Report Dashboard

We are happy to announce the release of a new powerful report dashboard in Mediatool.

Now you can visualise all your media data and marketing activities in a format that is professional, attractive, and easy to understand.

Mediatool dashboard

Your visual reports are available with the click of a button when your data is stored in Mediatool. So, while your data may quickly change, your reports will stay up-to-date, every day, all the time — no matter what.

With Mediatools new media and marketing dashboard you can choose from a variety of chart types and configure them after your needs. Display all of the media KPIs that are important for your business. By using Mediatools filtering function you can customize different media reports based on your specific criteria such as, time period, brand, product, event, media types, channel and much more.

Start today and use your media data to present your marketing story in a professional way.


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